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I again want to apologize for not keep up with the blog and the content on the website. I have been crazy busy with school and my two applications to the Supreme Court of Canada to appeal Two Court of Appeal for Ontario Decisions.

I have pulled myself away for a minute to writ this quick blog to maybe help you think in a slightly different way about PTSD and how to get redress or justice.

I like to describe to people that there are four types of work injuries:

Physical injuries:

First there are what we all commonly known as physical injuries. These can be visible a missing leg or arm or indivisible nerve damage.

Psychological Injuries:

Second there are psychological injuries. These are injuries that happen to our mind.
Note that many times people may suffer a head injury, but one would consider that a physical injury
as it causes physical damage to the brain.

Sudden Injuries:

Third a subcategory of either one or tw…
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My Story! Part II - Work Injury

My Story! Part II - Work Injury:
Please remember, this is a severely watered-down version of my story. I have started to post a detailed version of story on my website. I also included backup documentation as well. However, it is nowhere near finished due to publishing issues. It can be found here

So, like all injured workers, I unfortunately suffered a workplace accident and subsequent injuries. However, lucky for me, being in Ontario, Canada, I was fortunate as my workplace accident happened before Jan. 1/98. This is when the new workers compensation law came into effect. This was the Workplace Safety & Insurance Act. Which was through the provincial legislature passing ‘Bill 99’ (UGH!).

To, put it simply, the Ontario workers compensation system went from a system of being ‘investigative’ to a system that is an ‘adversarial system on steroids’! You read it here first - don’t forget it!

What do I mean by this? Simple, before January 1, 1998, injured wo…

My Story! Part I – Introduction

This blog is about my story and my fight with the WSIB - Ontario’s WCB, the WSIAT - the Tribunal, and my fight through the court system, where it is presently sitting at the Court of Appeal for Ontario.

In my first post, I said I was going to be posting about MEDICATIONS AND THE RISKS OF RETURN TO WORK, which is what inspired the Blogging.
Blogging - Oh man, that sounds even worse, like seriously throwing up on a Sunday morning! Sorry!
Well, I lied, being lied to is something that injured workers should be used to by now! Technically, I didn’t lie, this is in fact another WCB trick, which is to weave their lies in half-truths.
Sheet! I am starting to act like the WCB, after fighting against them for soooo long!

At any rate, my second post whoopsie - Blog! I felt would serve you better, instead of the medication one, I felt this one, which is telling my story. This way, you know who these blogs are coming from. Now I will say that ‘my story’ is severely water downed, as I have left off m…

My First BLOG!

Welcome to my first Blog written by FightWCB for injured workers and those who help injured workers. Thank you for stopping by...
OK, originally, I was starting of a post about the Risks of Medications and Return to Work. It was to start off as a small and simply Facebook post, but like most injured worker stories - nothing is ever simple! It has blown up in to a larger story, or article. So, as a result, I decided to make a ‘Blog’. I have never been a fan of the word blog. It sounds like someone throwing up! I am sorry, but it does to me!
At any rate, Blog is short for Weblog and is defined as “a regularly updated website or web page, typically, one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style”.

So, this is my first Blog. My second is what caused the need for the blog which is the Risks of Medications and Return to Work. I won't get into the chicken and eg argument. I will just state this is the first blog.
Here in my first blog, I am …